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Capital increase to grant access to 15% of share capital to a new entrepreneurial force
Travagliato (BS), 14 august 2018 – Antares Vision, the world’s leading provider of vision control systems, track&trace solutions and smart data management, has announced that it has granted Sargas access to 15% of its share capital through a capital increase. Sargas is a company led by Guido Barilla and recently established with a pool of Italian and foreign entrepreneurs and professionals who operate in the main sectors of interest to Antares Vision. The transaction is part of a specific development strategy that aims to strengthen the presence of Antares Vision in international markets, and to develop the business beyond the pharmaceutical sector to new industries such as food, beverages, medical devices, fashion, and cosmetics.
Commenting the transaction, Emidio Zorzella, CEO of Antares Vision, said “we are very pleased to have completed this agreement. We truly believe that, together with Sargas, we can significantly improve our path of growth and solid development. Our company is successfully pursuing the goals set for the future and keeps enhancing the competitive advantages that make Antares Vision standing out and that have turned our Group into an worldwide leader”.
Guido Barilla added: “After having met the management of Antares Vision, I brought together a pool of Italian and foreign entrepreneurs and professionals to support the Italian multinational company in its growth projects, fully sharing its values and development plans”.
About Antares Vision
Antares Vision is the world’s leading provider of vision control systems, track&trace solutions, and smart data management for some of the most demanding clients in the world, both in the pharmaceutical industry and in other sectors. While maintaining its entire production in Italy, Antares Vision currently operates in more than 60 countries around the world (with a workforce of more than 400 people) and relies on 6 branches abroad (USA, Germany, France, Brazil, South Korea, India) and a research centre in Ireland (Galway). With 20 years of experience in vision control technologies, Antares Vision is the supplier of 9 of the 20 main global pharmaceutical companies, with more than 25,000 inspection systems that every day guarantee the safety and quality of products. More than 2,000 serialisation lines have been installed worldwide, ensuring that more than 5 billion products are tracked and traced along the entire distribution chain.
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